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Hospitality Made Simple provides consulting and management services for the hospitality industry. Our mission is to inspire a passion for hospitality while helping you design and manage your restaurant, hospitality establishment or services company. Let us help you build a service culture, use technology to gain competitive advantage and streamline operations, minimize operational costs such as food and labor costs, while maximizing customer engagement and return. The team brings years of hospitality business and technology experience together to leverage hospitality industry best practices and the power of technology to improve upon your business.

Meet The Team

Harris Mayer-Selinger, Founder

Harris Mayer-Selinger

Harris brings years of hospitality management experience.... He has pursued his interests in the culinary arts since he was 5 years old. He graduated from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration in 2006 and the Culinary Institute of America in 2007. 

Harris has been a cook, executive chef and kitchen manager and has been instrumental in the opening restaurants in two vibrant restaurant scenes, Taiwain and New York City. 

Le Idiot, 100 Acres, Five Points, Ronny Brook Milk Bar, Chelsea Creamline. 

He led the management team in rebranding and rebuilding the Chelsea Market location to debut the flagship Chelsea Creamline : American Classics. 

Let Harris bring his expertise to your business. 


Jonathan N. Winters

Jonathan brings 20+ years of technology experience to Hospitality Made Simple.  He graduated from the Cornell University School of Hotel Management in 2005 with a BS in Hospitality Management. He has always been the go-to-guy for anything technology related. Realizing this, he returned to school to receive a masters in Information Technology, Systems Administration and Web Application Development from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2010.  

In addition to supporting technology in both hotels and restaurants, leveraging his insights into the technology landscape, Jonathan has implemented technology solutions in a variety of industries from law firms to sales offices, to higher-education and even manufacturing. Leveraging this vast understanding of technology as a tool as well as platform for learning and engagement, Jonathan will help your organization maximize the value of technology both internally and externally.

After founding Layer9.IT, realizing the potential to make vast improvements to the hospitality technology landscape, Jonathan teamed up with Harris at Hospitality Made Simple to combine their expertise as consultants and visionaries. Hospitality Made Simple plans to make a big impact on how restaurants and hotels leverage technology. Let us help you and your team! 





Jonathan N. Winters, vCTO & Business Analyst

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